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Baseball and Softball Training AIds

May 24, 2018

Batter up! It's time to start training like a pro athlete. While field practice is essential when it comes to building team morale and synchronization, there are some off-field training methods every baseball or softball player should take advantage of. Whether you're an aspiring pitcher needing target practice or a home run all star warming up your swing, these are the 3 off-field training tools and techniques you should familiarize yourself with.


Pitching Machines

Don't have a pitcher to pitch to you during swing practice? No worries! Pitching machines can be programmed to throw a variety of pitches at virtually any speed, thus helping you become a slugger feared by pitchers on opposing teams. Traditional baseball and softball pitching machines utilize a tire wheel set up, while more modern ones employ catapults and various pulleys to keep the pitches coming.


Batting Cages

Need to get some swings in? Whereas pitching machines can be used on field or in pitching cages if necessary, batting cages keep everything contained so you can better assess your skill level and speed. You also don't have to go chasing balls, as the nets contain them for easy retrieval.


Radar Guns

Both pitchers and batters use radar guns to gauge how fast they pitch or how fast a ball is launched across the field. Radar guns are popular among softball and baseball pitchers training for precision pitching because they digitally display ball speeds, allowing them to change things up when and if needed.


            Batting and pitching are made easy by traditional training tools such as pitching machines, batting cages and radar guns. If you're ever in the mood for some self-improvement or personal training, check out the local batting cages or pick up a radar gun and work on that pitching arm. You'll be pitching no-hitters and slugging grand slams in no time.